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If a physical disability is preventing access to your home or commercial property James R Pitcairn offers residential and commerical wheelchair lifts and verticle platform lifts for your accessibility solution. If you or a loved one requires the use of a wheelchair or motorized scooter, stairways and steps should not prevent you from living normal access.

Wheelchair lifts for the home will bring back the comfort and happiness that you found when you first moved in. Don’t let life’s changes make your staircase an enemy, put James R. Pitcairn on the job and equip your home with the residential lift that is perfect for your situation. With James R. Pitcairn and top of the line Savaria wheelchair lift products, there will be no “difficult way” around your home. Call (412) 782-5700 today or complete the form for a FREE no obligation custom quote.

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Verticle Wheelchair Lifts & Wheelchair Stairlifts

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Wheelchair Lifts

Available for both residential and commercial installations, similar to stairlifts, wheelchair lifts provide a convenient and comfortable means of maneuvering up and down stairs while remaining seated in your wheelchair or scooter. With an easy-to-use fold out platform that holds your device in place, wheelchair lifts smoothly bring you up or down stairs on a durable track system. Never again feel confined to one area of your home due to a staircase.

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Verticle Stair Lifts

Vertical platform lifts are designed for low-rise travel inside or outside your office, home or in certain public spaces. If your existing facility has limited space and needs to meet mobility compliances a vertical wheelchair lift is an economic alternative. Our verticle wheelchair lifts have an integrated upper landing gate and is durably build with rust-resistant components to withstand cold and humid climates like our own.

Wheelchair Lifts

Verticle Chair Lifts

Available for both interior and exterior installations verticle chair lifts & wheelchair lifts allow for total mobility. Glide up and down in comfort and safety using the onboard controls or with the help of remote control operation. The constant-charge battery operation means that your stairlift works even through a power failure giving you confidence and peace of mind.

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