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If circumstances arise that climbing stairs become difficult or even impossible to manage, a home elevator may be your solution. Residential elevators can be installed into new or existing construction. Regardless if you are building a new home, or would like to add the uncompromising inconvenience of an elevator James R Pitcairn elevators division has your solution. Each elevator product is designed hand crafted to meet each specialized individuals mobilty needs. For those looking for the ultimate in luxury and technology we also offer pneumatic vacuum elevators. From standard designs to custom lift installations our products have the highest quality in roped handrails, winding drums, MRL (machine roomless elevators) that are fit for use in private residences. All of our residential elevators offer a standard manufacturer provided warranty of 3 years. Enjoy single floor living in your multi-story home. Call (412) 782-5700 today or complete the form for a FREE no obligation custom quote.

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Home Elevator Cab Options

Residential & Commercial Dumbwaiter

Premier Elevator Cab

Our top-of-the-line elevator cab interior offering real raised wood panels available in a variety of finishes.

Residential Vacuum Elevator

Signature Elevator Cab

The versatile Signature elevator cab option is available in a variety of wood stain or painted panel options.

Limited Use Limited Access Commercial Elevators

Hampton Elevator Cab

Clean, simple, and graceful our Hampton elevator cab interior is available in a variety of wood and stain finishes.

Home Stairlift

Classic Elevator Cab

The perfect balance of form, function & value our Classic elevator cab uses a laminate finish in a variety of styles.

Elevator Maintence & Repair

Home Elevator Repair

While the convienince and luxury of a home elevator is undeniable, elevators like all machinery require routine maintence to continue to run smoothly. Our elevator technicians are available 7 days a week and have decades of combined expierience so they can efficiently identify and resolve any issues you may expierience.

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