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LU/LA Elevators

Limited Use / Limited Application

Affordable Commercial Elevators

LU/LA Elevators Affordable Commerical Elevators

Our roped 1:2 hydraulic design provides the quietest and smoothest operation in the industry. This system utilizes components and devices that are tested and certified to the most stringent requirements and have been tried and proven on commercial midrise elevator applications subject to more frequent use. Our commitment to quality, safety, and dependability are unparalleled.

Our commercial elevator designs minimize hoistway space, machine room space, pit depth, and overhead clearances and operates on standard single phase power. This, combined with the flexibility to have the machine equipment located remotely and car sizes customized to fit most any conditions, makes our system ideal for remodeling projects or new construction buildings. Call (412) 782-5700 today or complete the form for a FREE no obligation custom quote.

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Limited Use Limited Application Commercial Elevators

Limited Use Limited Application Elevators

LU/LA Elevator Cab Options

Our LU/LA elevator cab interiors are availiable in a variety of plastic laminate color choices with enamel backed steel panels. Standard features like car top emergency exit, exhaust fan, kickplate and protective pads and hooks ensure compliance.

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Control & Push Button Options

Our commercial elevator controls use digial hall position indicators with direction arrows incoporated into the hall call station. Cab options include audible car travel lanterns, ADA compliant phone, brushed bronze finishes, and keyed controls..

Limited Use Limited Access Commercial Elevators

Commercial Applications

The applications for LU/LA elevators are limited to five landings with a maximum verticle travel of 25 foot. This makes LU/LA commercial elevators ideal for smaller multi-story structures. Elevator installations are for both new and existing construction.

LU/LA Elevators

Limited Use / Limited Application Elevator Installation

LU/LA elevators meet accessibility and fire protection guidelines, making this elevator a perfect, cost-effective solution for most small public building applications including churches, schools, lodges, restaurants, nursing homes, and more.

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