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Residential Elevators

If circumstances arise that climbing stairs become difficult or even impossible to manage, a home elevator may be your solution. Residential elevators can be installed into new or existing construction. Regardless if you are building a new home, or would like to add the uncompromising inconvenience of an elevator James R Pitcairn elevators division has your solution.

Residential Home Elevators

In Home Residential Elevator Sales & Installation

Each elevator product is manufactured by Custom Elevator Manufacturing Company, Inc. which is hand crafted to meet each specialized individuals mobilty needs. From standard designs to custom designs offering the highest quality in roped handrails, winding drums, MRL (machine roomless elevators) for use in private residences. All of our residential elevators offer a standard manufacturer provided warranty of 3 years.

In addition to sales and installation of residentail elevators and dumbwaiters, our veteran elevator service technicians are able to service or repair any make or model of elevator already installed in your home. Home elevators can be installed into existing or new construction, which makes it effortless to navigate different floors throughout a multi level dwelling as well as offer a convenient even luxurious alternative to climbing stairs. In addition to elevators James R Pitcairn offers more than residential stair-lifts and wheelchair lifts and vertical platform lifts for your accessibility solution.