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We have been Pittsburgh’s leaders in residential elevator installation for almost a hundred years. Our professional installation contractors have increased mobility across Western Pennsylvania. But we do much more than installation. We are also Pittsburgh’s elevator maintenance and repair experts.

We will service or repair any elevator, no matter how old or what brand. If it can be fixed and returned to safe, working order, our professional maintenance workers will make your elevator good as new. And if you elevator is beyond repair, we can immediately start strategizing about the best replacement that fits your specific needs. That’s why it makes so much sense to work with a contractor with experience in both repairs and installations.

But even if your elevator is working, it is important not to forget routine maintenance. Regular service is a cost-cutter in the long run. Maintenance ensures that you can avoid costly repairs in the future. So make sure to schedule service appointments and keep your elevator in peak working condition!

So remember, no matter how big or small, how old or new, we are the Pittsburgh leaders in elevator repairs and maintenance. Don’t sacrifice your mobility. Get your elevator back in order and get moving again! Contact one of our service professionals today!