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Dumbwaiter Elevators

Small freight elevators known commonly as dumbwaiters provide a convenience that is perfect for those who need assistance in moving items around the home or for those that are seeking to add ease to their daily chores

Dumbwaiter & Home Freight Elevator

Dumbwaiter Installation & Repair

Residential Dumbwaiter
Once you install a dumbwaiter from James R. Pitcairn, you will wonder how you ever lived without one. No more wrestling with large bags of groceries, heavy baskets of laundry, or countless other goods that need to be moved around the home.  A dumbwaiter installation will be just the lift that you need.

In addition to increasing convenience around the home, a dumbwaiter installation improves offices, restaurants, medical facilities, libraries, stores, banks, and many other operating establishments.

Stop the daily trouble of carrying bulky or heavy items up stairs and install a dumbwaiter.  Save your time and energy.  Save yourself from back pain.  Save yourself from worry.

Dumbwaiters for New & Old Construction

Whether in a private home or a place of business, a dumbwaiter can be a useful addition to any interior space. In the workplace, a dumbwaiter can alleviate the time, energy, and risk of moving heavy objects between floors. With the risk of injury involved in heavy lifting, a dumbwaiter can pay for itself. Since our dumbwaiters come in a variety of styles and finishes, there is little need to worry about implementing this particular elevator installation into an existing interior design. Furthermore, since we are Pittsburgh’s leading elevator installer we can guarantee professional and top of the line service. So why delay? Call the leading Pittsburgh elevator company today.